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Summer only means one thing: lots and looots of sun, mixed with incredible food, bright and shiny colors and a couple months worth of pure BLAST! Evidently, we can say that our favorite season of the year is the hot SUMMER! With our favorite annual season comes one of our favorite #WECARE campaigns! Can you guess who we partnered up with? A little hint: this beautiful campaign has to do with heartwarming and loving CHILDREN, the tiny human beings that make our lives one hundred times better with their pure innocence and unconditional way of loving.

Say Hello to our #WECARE summer special box to celebrate childhood! Naranjo Roses has partnered up with Fundacion Operacion Sonrisa Ecuador to help them in the best way possible, because remember, when we all care, we can make a BIG DIFFERENCE. This summer let’s care about one another and help out! Want to know more about Fundacion Sonrisa? Read below!

Let´s dive deep into this foundations background so that all of you can know what they do and how they help SO MANY CHILDREN WORLDWIDE! 

Operacion Sonrisa was founded in 1982 by Dr. William Magee Jr. a craniofacial plastic surgeon and his wife Kathleen S. Magee, a nurse and clinical social worker. Operacion Sonrisa is an international medical organization that has performed thousands of free surgeries in developing countries on children and young adults born with CLEFT LIP AND/OR PALATE or other facial deformities. It is one of the oldest and largest volunteer-based organizations dedicated to improving the health and lives of children around the world through surgical care!

If you want to read more about them and be a part of this VERY SPECIAL Summer Campaign for children, click here: You´ll be able to read more about the foundation in the link provided below and with this, surely help us out on this incredible journey and campaign to help out children in Ecuador!

REMEMBER that for every stem of our #WECARE summer box special you buy, we will donate one cent to the foundation! Who´s ready to give a hand this summer and HELP OUT? We sure are, today more than ever, Naranjo Roses will partner up with various organizations to assist and aid foundations around the country.

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