#WECARE, do you? Find out everything about the outcome of our latest social campaign!

Earlier in May, we knew that lots of Mothers of low resources needed our help!

This being the reason why we decided to once again care for each other, care for the people that surround us, care for the people most in need. 

At Naranjo Roses we are always looking for ways to show two of our core values at the most: KINDNESS & EMPATHY. For us, these 2 core values are considered amongst the most important ones, because we believe that when you are kind towards others, and give them love and small things they need which can benefit them in the long term, KINDNESS WILL RETURN IN ABUNDANCE TO YOU! Because come on… what is life without giving to others? Giving love, giving hope, giving happiness, giving help! There are so many ways in which we can GIVE to others! 

So, what was our #WECARE campaign outcomes like?

  • How did we help? 
  • How did the moms from the foundation benefit from our campaign

Find out all the deets here!

To begin with, during our #WECARE campaign, we sold our M-Day Packs which were Mother’s Day ROSE packs for this special holiday celebrated in May! For each stem Naranjo Roses sold, a cent was donated to SOS Mama Foundation! Can you guess how many stems we sold?

It is our honor to say that we sold a total of 300 M-Day Boxes, which is a total of approximately 3000 stems! WAY TO GO! So what does this mean exactly? How did selling 300 boxes help the foundation?

As Naranjo Roses, we were able to contribute by donating money that will help the beautiful moms of SOS foundation with basic food kits for themselves and their children, as well as our continued support for future campaigns and educational tools for their children! 

WHEN WE SEE HAPPY PEOPLE, WE ARE HAPPY❤️ Our hearts are definitely filled with loads of love and fulfilment! We are truly witnesses that TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK!

On behalf of Naranjo Roses, we hope you can take part in our next initiatives to help people in need and fill their lives with love and joy! If you wish to be part of our next campaign or know of foundations that are in need in Ecuador, please contact us directly at: marketing@naranjoroses.com! This 2021, we’d like to help as many people as we can because after such a difficult year for all of us, the most vulnerable ones need us TODAY! 

Willing to donate and help SOS foundation? Check out their Instagram account and contact them directly there to see how you can help @sosmamas

If you wish to see our complete roseafolio click right here 👉https://naranjogroup.com.ec/naranjo-roses/, or if you are in need of roses for any type of event or campaign, contact us and we´ll help you right away! 

Remember… roses definitely brighten up our lives… give a rose to your loved ones, to people who are needing to smile today.. Roses can certainly change your day 💖



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