Social Responsibility at Naranjo Roses:
Find out about the special guests that visited our Naranjo Installments and everything that happened HERE!

July 22nd, 2021 was a very exciting and great day for Naranjo Roses as we were honored to receive Christian Cevallos, Miami Dade´s Councilor, as well as Latacunga´s Mayor, Dr. Byron Cardenas, Latacunga´s Patronage, Nancy Sanchez to discuss possible alliances for future social projects. Miami Dade´s Councilman, Christhian Cevallos along with Latacunga´s Patronage made a lovely visit to our Naranjo Installments where we were able to share wonderful ideas and facts about the beauty and importante of our Ecuadorian Roses to the world and what they represent for Cotopaxi Province and their economy. 

Cotopaxi Province has been shown to be very resilient specially after there was a massive stop in the market due to COVID 19, but has strongly come back and is currently reactivating their economy fastly.  Our established brand´s values and what makes us the top rose producer in Cotopaxi Province was greatly communicated and talked about during our pleasant reunion, because as you all know, Naranjo is always looking to innovate and work on social projects to make Latacunga, and Quito a better place to live in. With this we introduce our newest #WECARE social project with Fundacion Sonrisa Ecuador. 

Naranjo Roses has come through this pandemic and as a company we are breaking paradigms when it comes to social projects that involve special collaborations like our newest #WECARE campaign alongside Fundacion Sonrisa Ecuador, making it a socially responsible project we are very excited about! As Naranjo, we are truly committed to develop and work very hard on our future social projects and hope you can all get involved to become more socially active as a community in Cotopaxi Province where our farms are located. 

As a group, we are very eager about the opportunity to work on social issues in addition to promoting economic productive activities with added value, which will be done by supporting ventures to improve and polish Ecuador´s export capabilities. 

We want to thank Christian and Latacunga´s Patronage for making a part of this incredible event to boost and help out Latacunga´s economy and overall social activities. It was a delight and very gratificating experience to have you and important Latacunga members visiting our Naranjo Roses Installments! We truly hope to see you again and be able to continue working towards making the Ecuadorian Flower Industry the best in the world!

We hope you enjoy the pictures of this incredible visit and the members that were a part of it. Don´t forget to follow us on IG @naranjoroses to find out more about our future social responsibility projects!



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