Pinch HERE for a dose of IRISH LUCK! Guess what holiday is coming up?

St. Patty’s, St. Patricks, Green Luck, Four Leaf Clover, Leprechauns, Emerald Isle… which one sounds familiar to you? Truth is… these ALL represent an extremely FUN and greenish holiday coming up in March!
St. Patricks is a worldwide known festivity that originated in Ireland in the mid 1600´s. Loooong time ago, but how amazing is it that we still conserve this holiday around the world and actually celebrate it as if we were all irish? Being part of a world that is multicultural is such a privilege nowadays because we can all be part of such special celebrations and holidays for people around the world. Later on, we’ll be discussing the history behind the St. Patricks festivity, but first we have amazing news for all of you!!

As you know, roses can be LITERALLY transformed into any shape, color and size that we want, and so for this unique and fun holiday coming up, at Naranjo Roses we have gone beyond our creative ideas and measures and have come up with TOP QUALITY, AMAZINGLY DESIGNED, AAAAND…. COLORED GREEN ROSES!! The creative process that goes into our roses in order to dye them, color them and create multiple designs takes SO MUCH hard work and dedication from our talented artists at Naranjo Roses!
Do you want a dose of pure Irish Luck for this St. Patricks day? We have just the right idea for you.. what about getting some of our limited edition St. Patricks green roses? You can either give them to a loved one (triple their luck that day by giving them green roses), or you can either decorate your house with our green lucky roses! Triple your lucky chances to spend the most wonderful St Pattys this year! After all, we all need a little extra luck this year right? 

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Our St. Patricks limited edition ecuadorian green roses are now available for purchase! Contact us through our IG: naranjoroses so we can give you further information!



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