Once again, Naranjo shines bright with the newest collection!
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Roses, roses roses… AHHHH, indescribable flowers that will change your mood and probably your entire day by just seeing them… imagine if you SMELL THEM, pure PLEASURE!

If you have already fallen in love with our Naranjo Rose Collection, take a seat and get comfortable because we tell you, you´ll be completely AWED with our latest collection.

Introducing…. our marvelous LUMINOUS COLLECTION, here to stay forever and make your days much more beautiful with their magical, luminous touch. You´ll understand all about them in just one sec! Just read below to find out more. We can’t promise they won’t become your NEW FAVORITES!! 

But first, let’s start with some hints. Can you guess what our latest floral collection is like? What makes them so special? Why is the collection called luminous?

We´ll give you a big clue: Luminous = glow in the sun roses! WOOOOW, we just took our fresh roses to a whole new level! 

Hint hint.. they are LITERALLY luminous, meaning they actually illuminate in a type of chameleonic way and change color turning into a fluorescent version when exposed to the sun! SAY THAT AGAIN? Yes, you read that completely right. Our Luminous Collection Roses once they are exposed to the sun, catch this sunlight and immediately shine and turn into a fluorescent, luminous color!

How exactly do they shine in the sun? Well our Luminous Collection, as well as our tinted collection go through a special kind of tinting process done through absorption. This collection is so special, that whenever you let these amazing roses catch some sunlight and then take them out of the sun, you´ll instantly see a fluorescent, luminous shining color on them. Literally never seen before on roses!

Who’s ready for some glow in the dark roses? Try and give them some sunlight first and then softly introduce them into a darker space to see how amazing they shine!  If you’d like to know more about our newest Luminous collection and the rose colors we have available, contact us at marketing@naranjoroses.com to get your shine on!

Who wants to get luminous with us? If you know us you know we are always creating and innovating to give everyone the best roses in the world.

Follow us on IG @naranjoroses to find out more about our company and our entire rose variety or visit our website to get a glimpse of our history and complete rose catalogue HERE: https://naranjogroup.com.ec/naranjo-roses/

Naranjo, PROUD PRODUCERS of the best roses in the world đź’–



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