ON TODAY'S BLOG: MEET DELIA CHEN, winner of our FOF Floral Competition!

When we tell you you won´t want to miss this blog entry...

trust us!! Delia Chen, our FOF Floral Art Competition winner will be sharing her inspiring story behind her floral talent and magical skills we were able to see in our competition! Introducing…. DELIA CHEN! Read more about her below.

Who is Delia? Where was she born? 

Hello, I am Delia Chen, my pronoun is she/hers. I was born in Taipei, Taiwan, and moved to the U.S. during my teen years. I currently have no kids, but I have a lot of plants and a cat, so I am a plant & cat parent.

When did you know you wanted to be a florist?

Actually, I didn’t. It was a family business, and I grew attached with time. 

Why did you decide to participate in this contest?

I mainly participated for fun. I have always really liked and appreciated the roses from Naranjo Roses so when this opportunity came along, I couldn’t pass it up. I loved participating in this competition and it actually came as a surprise when I was announced as the winner. The competition was pretty stiff and I could see that the other participants were doing really well, so I am honored that I went home with the prize.

You won!!! Did you expect that could be a possibility?

I am very surprised that I did, everyone did so well! Yes, for sure we are all winners for doing our best.

What did you think about fresh roses?

Love them. Roses are magical.

Did you already know about Lulu Eternal Roses?

I knew of Lulu Eternal Roses, but I didn’t know it was a sister company to Naranjo Farm.

The work they have done to make these beauties is impressive.

How do you keep yourself motivated during these rough Covid times?

I went to work every day, even after we closed during the shutdown. I spent days thinking about how to keep in touch with clients, what flowers can do (or can’t do) for people, working on social media, reading, and cleaning the workroom like A LOT. But for the most part, I remind myself to be grateful that we are still here, and with many good people around us.

Do you think it’s important as a florist to keep up with trends?

Definitely. You gotta! I always mention that if you don’t move forward, you are going backward. Trying to keep up with all the actual trends and floral styles is definitely not an easy task, but if you don’t you will be left behind.

What did Covid mean for your business and are you already recovering? 

It was difficult, our business is geared toward events. So when things are shut down and canceled, that was harsh. We are recovering, slowly. I don’t think things will ever be the same from now on, this pandemic gave us a few tough lessons.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

Probably being creative and developing myself as a floral artist. I really enjoy learning and trying new things as a way to evolve. There is always a new technique to master, a different approach to my work I can take, or another style to try.

Delia and all our participants were truly such an inspiration for our entire team! Thank you DELIA and the rest of participants for giving everything you have, for sharing your floral talents with us and for motivating us to do more competitions like these! The world needs people who are extremely talented in floriculture! Never be afraid of participating in something that you are passionate about!

It is also our greatest pleasure to announce that Delia will be participating in an episode of Floral Sparks of Creativity with Naranjo Roses on July 9th 10AM Ecuador, 11AM USA via IG LIVE. Join us and follow us on IG naranjoroses to sparkle up your day with a little fun!



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