TODAY IS… MOCCA MONDAY! Know everything about one of our best selling collections! Wanna know what makes our Mocca roses so extravagant and versatile? Keep reading…

You may be wondering… when did our Mocca Collection get created? What was the idea behind this special collection? What roses are included in our Mocca Collection?

Naranjo Roses was definitely inspired by fall colors to create this rose collection! Don´t you get the feeling that during fall, you see a lot of Mocca colors around? It’s basically the color palette of the season, plus thousands of brown, yellow and orange leaves aaaaall over the place! Fall is such a gorgeous season and for this, we created our Mocca Collection! Not only can you use or buy this collection for fall, but for any other type of event or décor you´d like to have! They naturally add a combination of harmonious colors that go along with each other and match perfectly!

Get to know our 4 Mocca varieties HERE:

  1. Vanilla Mocca: As the name says it, it has a soft vanilla beige color that will become your new favorite to mix and match with any other rose!
  2. Caffe Mocca: Ready for this mix? Eye-captivating as it has a perfect combination of brown and orange hues! This mocca variety seriously gives any space in your house a bright but BOLD type of decoration. Visually EYE-PLEASING!
  3. Honey Mocca: Probably our favorite but SHHH…. Secret! Impossible to describe the infinite beauty of this honey-looking perfection plus the opening of our mocca rose varieties is breathless! Their petals will have you falling in love instantly!
  4. Last but not least, having the most resemblance with fall leaves, most of them are brown. With this idea, our DARK MOCCA was born! Here to stay and make you remember about fall memories!

Remember that the Mocca Collection is now available all year round and is one of our best selling collections! Proudly made and produced in Ecuador in the finest Rose Farms of the world, our roses are directly born here!

Give our Mocca Collection a try and bring back all those fall memories, although they are also a great fit for summer and for any neutral tone home décor!

For more information on the Mocca Collection contact us at: or follow us at IG naranjoroses to know more!



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