Meet our most trendy roses of the year: OUR GARDEN LIKE COLLECTION!

We can all agree that Roses are the most beautiful type of flowers out there

… but have you ever seen our Naranjo garden like collection? You´ll definitely be WOWED! On today´s entry we´ll  be talking about the most trendy roses of the yeargarden like roses:  QUEENS CROWN, MOONSTONE AND COUNTRY HOME! Get ready because you´ll want to buy ALL OF THEM!

Do you want to know more about these 3 beautiful garden like varieties? You´re in the right place! Let´s see what makes this type of variety so special and UNIQUE!

Important features:

🌹 QUEENSCROWNThere´s a certain reason of why this variety is the QUEEN. Have you ever seen or heard of a rose that has 63 petals? Seems almost impossible right? Queenscrown has 63 stunning petals and is definitely our favorite, because when the rose opens, it is a shocking, mesmerizing moment where you will immediately have love at first sight! It has a strong fuchsia color and will catch your attention right away. Your eyes will be delighted!

🌹 MOONSTONEWith a beautiful whitish-pearl color, this rose, besides having a large amount of petals as well (45), is the perfect compliment for a formal event or even to build a harmonious and peaceful environment at home! Remember that this tonality of rose has a peaceful, calming effect due to its color! White brings back the faith in life!

🌹 COUNTRYHOME This garden like rose variety reminds us of a summer sunset… When we see it, we see the colors of a sunset: peachy + soft orange color! For spring season this is the perfect rose to have as home decor, and brighten up your spaces with a peach tone. For all of those who like adding a touch of color to your lives, these are the ones for you! Like our Moonstone variety, Country Home also has 45 petals.

Have you ever heard about our garden-like collection? If not, you´re missing out on the best ecuadorian roses out there! Tune in to our main website to check all of our garden-like varieties under the category “Garden Like”. Go see them now and for more information contact us at:!



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