Meet Mary Luz Naranjo: CEO and Founder of NARANJO ROSES! Take a sneak peek at her latest interview with THURSD!

Who is Mary Luz Naranjo and how has she revolutionized the floral industry? Here´s to an inspiring SUPERWOMAN you´ll want to know all about!

Mary Luz Naranjo had the recent opportunity of being interviewed for Thursd Floral Meet up spot, making it a very special article for May, a month in which Mother´s are celebrated. What better combination than a fierce CEO and inspiring mother that knows how to lead her company? Introducing Mary Luz and important features as well as questions that were discussed in her interview.

Who is Maryluz?“I am Colombian, I was born in Boyaca where I lived until my adolescence. After this, I went to Bógota where I lived for about 21 years. It was there that my beautiful and pleasant connection with flowers began. I have lived in Ecuador, my second homeland, for 20 years.

How and when did you start your flower business?I started with Roberto Nevado, may he rest in peace, who was one of the pioneers in the sale of flowers to Europe from Colombia. At this point, we founded a trading company called Naranjo Exportaciones in which we were able to have commercial relationships with more than 100 crops in Bógota of various types of flowers. After a few years, we decided to give more direct service to our clients by producing the best roses in the world in Ecuador, which is a country that is characterized by having a premium quality in floriculture. Today, after 20 years, we have consolidated the group into 3 farms: 1 preserved rose plant, 1 dyed rose plant, and direct sale at the destination, forming 4 business lines.”

Why do people like working at Naranjo? “Because we transmit to them the sense of belonging to our company. We link them directly with development and we make them part of our achievements as well as the difficulties that arise. Values, transparency, loyalty, teamwork, integrity, and commitment are valued and they go hand in hand with our company project.”

What are the main varieties of roses that you grow? “Freedom, Mondial, Explorer, and Garden roses. We have a total of 79 varieties to the day.”

Did you encounter difficulties along the way because you are a woman? “Yes, many of us. We live in sexist countries that fortunately have changed over the years. I think that the woman who saw herself as a person doomed to only do housework, today, has demonstrated quality and sagacity in business development.”

What would you suggest for other women in our industry? “That they continue to believe in themselves. I would tell them to never allow themselves to be placed into the misconception of a development that does not exist only for women who fight for their dreams.”

If you are looking for inspiration as to how to thrive in the floral industry, Mary Luz Naranjo is definitely a role model to look up to! Thank you to Mary Luz who was able to share so much useful information for everyone who belongs in the floral industry. 

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