Looking for Summer Essentials? Our PINK roses have got your back!

Half a year has gone by in a blink of an eye and we're basically VERY CLOSE to beginning SUMMER SEASON!

Who’s ready to get their summer week looking PINK and BRIGHT? With our 3 shades of pink roses, you won’t want to have more in your life! Know more about them below!

Now who’s excited for summer? Can you say ME? Of course we are… specially because summer is one of our roses´ favorite blooming seasons in the northern hemisphere 😍 Seeing our roses bloom is probably our greatest delight in life because for real… blooming roses are just to DIE FOR! They have us completely drooling over their stunning beauty!

We are getting into the summer groove with some of our best selling pink roses which will definitely add EXTRA color and life to your summer days! We present to you our pink stunners: STILETTO, TOPAZ AND HOT EXPLORER!


  • STILETTO: fresh but STRONG, BOLD, VIBRANT pink color also known as “fucsia”. This stunner features stem size options varying from 50-70 cm. Stiletto roses´ vase life ranges from 12-14 days as long as you take appropriate care handles! Are you ready to get WOWED with her 32 vibrant pink petals?
  • TOPAZ: Dazzling Pink color which is eye captivating the second you see her! What makes her special? With her large head size ranging from 6.2-7.2 cm, this 37 petal rose has stem size options varying from 50-80 cm!
  • HOT EXPLORER: You´ll want to explore deep into this roses´ petals and intense pink color! With her stems ranging from 50-80 cm, you´ll be fascinated by the large petal count of this one: 38 bright pink petals for you to enjoy! Important to mention her vase life is approximately between 14-16 days!

Now time to know…. WHICH ONE IS YOUR NEW SUMMER FAVORITE? We certainly can’t choose within their imposing beauty! Pink Roses are always a great choice for any type of gift or event, and even as a beautiful gift to yourself. Treat yourself and let our stunning Pink Ecuadorian Roses conquer your heart!

Want to see the world´s most fresh and gorgeous roses in the world? They´re grown directly at our Naranjo Farms in Ecuador! Do you know what makes our roses EXTRA SPECIAL? If not let us know and we can talk about it in our next blog entry!

Don´t forget to check out our complete rose catalog HERE: https://naranjogroup.com.ec/catalogs/ or contact us at marketing@naranjoroses.com to place your PINK rose orders NOW!



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