Its NARANJO ROSES´ 20TH ANNIVERSARY! Join us for a TIMELINE of our most important historical moments!

Naranjo Roses: When was our company born? How did it start? Who founded Naranjo Roses and how have we become pioneers in the floral industry? What Fresh Flower products do we offer and how do we produce them? Find out EVERYTHING you need to know about the best roses in the world today!

In today’s entry, let’s come together to know about Naranjo Roses´ history and origins on our company timeline! What a fun way to learn about the best rose company in the world!

It all started in 2001, “Born in Ecuador, raised by the world”. In April of 2001, with the experience of working with flowers since the 90’s, Maryluz Naranjo Barajas began with the creation and development of Naranjo Roses. With only 4 greenhouses, limited production plants and 10 workers in the team, Naranjo builds its roots on a stunning farm located in Latacunga, Ecuador.

In 2005, Carlos Gomez, business visionary, joined Maryluz with the best water policy proposal and development,  implementing one of the pillars which make the rose quality at Naranjo so excellent.

Moving on to 2006, as a result of the passion behind our hard work, and the union of our team members, our first project was completely fulfilled. With 14.3 hectares of production, 90,000 renovated plants per year and a 10% policy, we are able to provide a fresh portfolio for our clients.

This was an important year given that we participated in international trade shows and fairs  which definitely led Naranjo to position itself as a player in international markets such as Europe, United States and Asia.

2010 became the year that marked a very important milestone for us!  We opened our second farm “Sir Arthur” in honor of Arturo Gomez, father of Carlos Arturo Gomez, “grandfather of the family”. With zero hectares of production in the Lasso Pastocalle zone, Sir Arthur is symbolic of hard work, consistency and achievement. Thus, in 2015, 10.5 hectares of production were consolidated to hold varieties demanded by the European market.

Moving on to 2012, Naranjo Roses obtained the Flor Ecuador Certification which was a very big step for us, given that Flor Ecuador approved our company and gave us a certification scheme issued by AGROCALIDAD that guaranteed Good Agricultural Practices in the export sectors, which is exactly what we are looking for with our service! This certification has 3 objectives that are very important and fulfilled at Naranjo. Naranjo is a quality company that is always looking to have safe and good agricultural practices for the farms and our people!

One year later in 2013, we received one of the most prestigious certifications: The Rainforest Alliance Certification. This is an international non-profit organization working at the intersection of business, agriculture, and forests to make responsible business the new normal. They have a mission of building an alliance to protect forests, improve the livelihoods of farmers and forest communities, promote their human rights, and help them mitigate and adapt to the climate crisis. For us, it is an honor to have this certification, which once again shows what Naranjo Roses represents and our values as well.

Another one of our certifications includes the Scarab and Koopert certifications which were granted in 2015. Scarab works towards the reduction of pesticide use in conjunction with the improvement of detailed registry maintenance aid in the compliance of security requirements while the Koopert certification for us meant a lot given that it contributes to the health and well being of people and the planet. It is a certification that collaborates with nature to make sure our agriculture is more healthy, safe and productive

In June of 2015 we opened Naranjo 3 “Angyrose” with 13 hectares. Since then, we have changed 280000 plants. Since 2015, the company has grown to have 17.7 hectares with 80% in full production.Our third farm Angy, is a symbol of innovation and disruption where we house our only ROSEMATIC 2.0 Machine.

2017: a year in which two very important events happened at Naranjo Roses! We received the BASC certification! Our organization is a member of BASC (Business Alliance for Secure Commerce) whose goal is to promote healthy commercial business practices in compliance with international governments and entities. BASC aids us in protecting our products and the integrity of our clients’ shipments.

At the same time in 2017, we began to look for ways to innovate our products, and we created our Tinted Prestige Line! This was definitely a big step for us, because we started seeing that roses have so much versatility and loads of creative things can be done with them!

In September 2018, a new idea was  born in Naranjo Roses. This was the fascinating creation of our line of preserved roses: LULU IS FOREVER. Lulu Roses was born with the idea of being able to express eternal love through our eternal flowers, which compared to fresh roses, had an immense differentiation in their life cycles! It was a time of very hard work but we made it through and LULU is now a great part of Naranjo Roses

November 2018, a very special date in which Naranjo Roses expanded its inventory to another country other than Ecuador… We expanded to the United States, specifically Miami! Naranjo Roses developed a business plan that was able to permit us to expand and sell our flowers to our clients and wholesalers directly in Miami! Our quality service directly from our farms in Ecuador, to Miami was finally achieved! At that moment we were able to take our rose inventory to Miami, this gave the company so much strength and new clients that started to buy directly with us! This was definitely one of the biggest milestones accomplished at Naranjo!

One month later, in December 2018, we, as Naranjo Roses were granted a first place award, exceptional prize from PremioXpor in Ecuador in 2018, because we were seen as the best medium sized company exporting goods and floral products! Thanks to our amazing team and to the vast amount of talented hands we have at Naranjo, our sacrifices and hard work has shown off when we have received prizes like this one! We have definitely had remarkable moments in our trajectory! 

In April 2019, we got very creative at Naranjo and had our exclusive MOCCA product launch! Our Mocca line is made up of tinted roses in 4 different tones: honey mocca, cafe mocca, vanilla mocca and dark mocca, which sell throughout the entire year, but especially during fall!

In November  2019, we sent our first container of preserved roses from our LULU line to the Netherlands! It was a very BIG container which really came to show up all the effort we had been working on at our plantations! This was one of our biggest dreams come true!

2020 was a very tough year for every business out there, and in our case, Naranjo Roses was greatly affected when the world was shut down and borders were forced to close because this meant we could not export our products to the rest of the world. 

What did we do as a team? We had to reinvent ourselves, meaning we had to seek for new ideas for our campaigns, our marketing sales, and business opportunities. Naranjo Roses decided to invest a lot of time on E-commerce incursion, in order to find sales solutions that could benefit us as a company during the entire year, including new projects and the renovation of 600 thousand plants with density improvement.

Although 2020 was a tough year, we managed to get through and it was a year of innovation and lots of new ideas. With this, our project “CALIDAD TOTAL” was born, led by Mary Luz Naranjo, one of our founders. What this project aims to do is seek to align KPI objectives and processes in order to be more efficient and seek quality in each of the processes and people of the organization.

2021: A very exciting year for us, despite the pandemic! Our first Lulu preserved container was sent to SPAIN, with around 283,000 products in the container! Definitely one of our biggest accomplishments of the year! Along with this, Naranjo has decided to expand into other agricultural services and we are diversifying from roses to blueberry cultivation. We have our testing showroom, where we are verifying varieties, verifying substrates and observing the irrigation system. We hope to be very successful in this new project and to have around 10 hectares by the end of the year!

WHAT A JOURNEY! We want to thank every one of you who has been a part of this challenging but rewarding journey because without all of you, our growth as the best rose company wouldn’t have been possible! Our core mission is to produce and deliver PREMIUM, TOP QUALITY ECUADORIAN ROSES TO THE WORLD!

Once again, HAPPY 20TH ANNIVERSARY NARANJO ROSES! We hope to always see you shining and growing in the future!

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