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Yes, Innovation, Quality and  Technology are three words that describe Naranjo Roses and everything we do. Why? Well because we are ALWAYS looking for the newest technological gadgets and machinery to be able to produce and deliver the world’s most beautiful roses! On today’s blog: Learn about the machine that has revolutionized the rose industry and of course, revolutionized and transformed Naranjo Roses, meet our ROSEMATIC 2.0 Rose Classifying Machine!

In 2017 Naranjo introduced to its plantations the world’s most technological machine in the rose industry: RoseMatic 2.0. What exactly does this incredible machine do? It rapidly classifies roses and has the capability of actually seeing and sensing which roses are good to go or are not going to be a good fit for exportation! 

Our roses, which come from premium and enormous greenhouses in Ecuador, are carefully selected and have had to go through a very important approval process in order to be able to supply this stupendous machine and with this,  allow us to have adequate yields. Our ultimate goal is to classify 8,000 stems PER HOUR and we are definitely achieving it thanks to the amazing team behind our company. One of the most important functions of our RoseMatic 2.0 machine is that it has UV rays through which each of our stems passes which helps us prevent diseases in any of our roses, obtaining a product that is always homologous and of the best quality for the entire world! 

It is important to understand the main functions of this machine and why it is essential if you have a rose business. The RoseMatic 2.0 sorts roses according to stem length, stem diameter, bud height, and bud opening, and can produce 8,000 stems per hour, with a maximum of 9,000 per hour. One of the machine´s greatest advantages is the combination of high productivity and the creation of uniform bunches. Manually, it is possible to obtain uniform bunches with high-quality roses, but this machine can increase production by up to 35 percent.  On top of that, it saves the classification criteria by type of rose, so growers can always change quickly.

Our peak season in which our RoseMatic Machine truly shows her technological abilities and quickness is certainly for Valentine’s Day.  Producing higher quantities, but maintaining uniform quality and bunches is a challenge for many growers and especially in the run-up to Valentine’s Day. For Naranjo Roses it was certainly a challenge too and last year, we decided to install the Bercomex RoseMatic 2.0. By Valentine’s Day, approximately 160,000 roses were sorted and grouped. 

If you´re in the flower business and are looking to step up your technolgical gear, we can definitely say this machine is a complete life saver AND will certainly help your business sort and deliver the best roses or flowers in the world! It will help you get to a new level of premium, quality products and this, is the best investment for your company.

If you want to know more about Naranjo Roses and why we have the best roses in the world, head to our website and take a look at all our gorgeous varieties and most importantly who we are and why our Ecuadorian roses will transform your world! 

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