Have you seen our TINTED PRESTIGE COLLECTION? If not... don´t wait any longer! 🌹

Naranjo Roses is a company solely dedicated to the production and innovative processes of the best roses in the world!

We have always been a company that thinks about different and creative ways of developing new types of designs for our roses.  In this case, we present to you one of our most special and creative collections: TINTED PRESTIGE ROSES, ready to conquer and captivate your eyes at first sight 😍

It was in 2017, when we began to look for ways to grant innovation to our products, and with hard work and perseverance, we created our Tinted Prestige Line! This was definitely a big step for the company, because it was in this BIG milestone where we started seeing that roses have so much versatility and loads of ways to get creative with them! 

At the moment, we have various Tinted Collections to choose from! They are easy to adapt to lots of different tastes in colors and designs, which makes them even more versatile! You may be wondering, HOW DO WE TINT OUR ROSES in order to achieve combinations of different colors on the same rose? Today we´ll share 2 main techniques that are used in the process of tinting our beautiful roses!

1. Our first technique comes to be known as “ABSORPTION”. During the process of absorption, we insert the rose´s stem in the tint mixture! Depending on the color you want, the process of absorption can last longer!

2. Our second most used technique is what we call “ASPERSION”, which is a more meticulous technique where you can spray the colors you want on your rose and make it have a certain color design. This technique is much more difficult given that we would consider it a “DIY” technique because you create a certain type of pattern or color choice by spraying it on the rose!

These are only two of the main techniques we use at Naranjo Roses, but you can get a complete glimpse of all the types of techniques there are for tinting roses in our 2021 catalogue! If you want to see our complete catalogue send us an email to marketing@naranjoroses.com and we´ll be happy to send it to you! 

It’s important to mention that  for each season, we create a new tinted prestige catalogue! We have had various types of catalogues in the past for example for fall season, halloween season, mothers day season, valentines day, easter season, christmas season and wedding season! We are constantly looking for new ways to innovate and thanks to our talented artisans, we have the opportunity to create new collections together!

For more information on our tinted collection, don’t hesitate to contact us on our IG @naranjoroses or send us an email at:  marketing@naranjoroses.com and we´ll be more than happy to send you our complete catalogue!

Naranjo Roses has the world’s most beautiful Ecuadorian Roses and we know you´ll be absolutely stunned when you see them! Buy your favorite tinted roses now and tell us your complete experience of love at first sight 😍



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