Garden-like roses: why are they so popular for wedding season?

Wedding season, popularly celebrated from the beginning of summer until late August-September, is one of the funnest seasons of all! Because who doesn’t like a wedding party? This year, weddings are back, with constant weekend celebrations and over the top wedding decor. Can you guess one of the wedding essential pieces of decoration? Of course, our one and only: Garden-Like Roses!

If there’s a single most popular and most classic wedding flower out there….. its definitely the ROSE. Because they are the ultimate romantic flower, roses make every bridal bouquet and any type of event decor look beautiful, elegant and fresh all at once. And not only is this particular wedding stem an arrangement show-stopper, it’s also one of the most versatile blooms around, given the amount of colors you can choose from, not to say different types of roses as well. Roses are readily available nearly year round, and the sheer number of varieties, colors, shapes, and sizes you can find of this flower are completely impressive and perfect for weddings in every style and season. On today’s blog we’re sticking with our GARDEN LIKE ROSES. 

With more than 5 types of Garden Like Roses, you can choose from soft and neutral colors such as a light beige shade, all the way to a pastel pink color that will certainly cause a jaw-dropping sensation to all of your guests! Can you guess some of our garden like favorites?

Given their specific shape and number of petals, approximately 46-50 petals in each garden-like rose, they are wedding favorites because of their blooming petal opening which obviously gives them MAJOR rose points. Garden Like roses for weddings: ✔️ check, check, check! Some of our favorites are definitely our Candlelight, Secret Garden, Queens Crown, Moonstone and Country Home! Once you see them, you´ll never want to buy any other type of flowers. Trust us, roses are the way to go. Roses are the way to happiness and pure love! 

So now, who’s ready to SAY YES TO THE ROSE? Say yes to our garden like varieties and live a dreamy wedding experience with Naranjo Roses. Get ready for some wedding fun and extreme love with spectacular rose decor! 

For more information on our garden like varieties visit our webpage: If you instantly fall in love, LET US KNOW!



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