Flower Circus Talks Special: Where did the roses go? with Michael Black and Alejandro Henao

Flower Circus Talks Special: Where did the roses go? with Michael Black and Alejandro Henao

One of our team members, Alejandro Henao, was interviewed.

One of our team members, Alejandro Henao, was interviewed by John Elstgeest from Flower Circus. In its 97th episode: “Roses, and where did they go?”, Elstgeest discussed the current rose shortage in the market along with Michael Black from Jet Fresh.

Yes, there is a current rose shortage in the market. Why? There is more than one reason for the rose shortage in the market at the moment. 

For starters, most farms, if not all, have a rotative production, this means that they complete cycles that last a certain time, where roses are cut in the field, then take time to grow, and are finally ready to be out in the market again. As Black explains, part of the reason is the sudden increase in demand as a result of the pandemic. 

“The pandemic changed the way that clients interact with the roses. They started to see the benefit of having roses at their homes.”

“For example, where I work in Miami, typically there is an inventory. Yet at the moment, the inventory is just extremely low, as the flowers are selling before they even hit the warehouse.” Said, Black.

Secondly, recent weather conditions have also been a reason why there’s a rose shortage. A warm environment is necessary for roses to grow. But when temperatures drop, they are impacted negatively. Black says: “August and July are supposed to be warm, but instead it has been cold and rainy.” And Henao adds that there has been snow in Ecuador. “Just to remind everybody, we normally don’t get snow here. In Ecuador, we only see snow in the movies we watch,” says Henao. 

“As a result, this unseasonable cold weather is affecting the production.”

Lastly, Black explains that many farms were bought by big supermarkets/suppliers. “I received an email recently that a farm was acquired and that my standing orders were therefore being canceled.” “We then have to find a way to fill these orders through another farm, which is taking more of the open market availability off the table.”

So, what do these experts suggest to get through this situation? Both Michael and Alejandro recommend planning well ahead of when you have an event. Placing standing orders will help a lot as well to get the flowers you want.

You can watch the whole Livestream on Youtube

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