Flashback to Valentines Day, but this time, IT'S BRAZILIAN VALENTINE´S!

Why does Brazil celebrate Valentine's Day on June 12th?

Well, get ready for a blog entry in which you will learn all facts and history about the celebration of LOVE in Brazil! Who´s feeling ready to fall in love? Tune in right below!

Many countries celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14 but Brazil slightly differs from those countries because of a few reasons. Brazil´s Valentine’s Day is called “Dia Dos Namorados” (translated as “Lovers’ Day”). Although it is celebrated in a similar way to the American and European tradition, the main difference is that Brazilians don’t celebrate it because of Saint Valentine rather because of Saint Anthony´s Day.

 The Dia dos Namorados is celebrated on June 12th because of its proximity to  Saint Anthony’s Day on June 13. This Saint is very known in Brazil as they believe he blessed young couples with a prosperous marriage. During the occasion, typically, young couples exchange gifts, flowers, ESPECIALLY RED ROSES as well as chocolates. 

As we all know, Valentine´s is truly a very special date to LOVE more than ever before, because if this crazy year has taught us something, it is to love unconditionally because you never know what will happen tomorrow or where your loved ones will be! 

Do we have any crazy in love Brazilian around here? We already had our special and loving moment in February, now it’s YOURS! Just remember that on this Valentine’s Day, you deserve all the love in the world! Whether you are choosing to love your life partner, parents, best friends or most importantly: YOURSELF, don´t forget to pamper yourself and your closest people with lots of love and spoiling! 

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