Can you guess our next favorite season of the year? A little clue...WHO RUN THE WORLD?

The time is here… FINALLY HERE! One of the most POWERFUL months of the year is coming up in T-8 days… This month we celebrate a group of individuals starting with the letter W….. and ending with an N. We are sure you´ve guessed who we are talking about!

We are sure most of you know that March is SUCH a memorable,  historical and unique month for all of the girlies and women in the world! But why? Why is Women’s Day so special? DUH! Because women really run the world in so many aspects and areas of what we get the privilege of calling LIFE.

Let’s start this pre women’s day celebration by saying that women have so much power they are born with internally and externally, and today more than ever it is VITAL that women express their power and the amount of potential they have to achieve ANYTHING THEY WANT IN LIFE! On our next blog episode we will be sharing with you some of the reasons why women rock the world and why this world would definitely not be the same without women´s presence and existence. 

However, women’s rights have not always been equal to those of men, and women’s rights have not been heard, which have turned into repressed feelings and expressions. Why should women have to be quiet about their human rights and about everything they wish to create in their lives? THEY SHOULD NOT AND WON’T BE SILENCED ANYMORE! This is why Women´s Day is such a remarkable and unique holiday for all of the women out there fighting for their rights, and has become such a historical day in which nowadays millions of women have joined this movement and commemoration to fight for their rights!

Every day, more women all over the world are taking action to promote equality, peace and justice. It is these women who, whether they mean to or not, are transforming traditional gender roles and power structures, by dedicating their lives to defending fundamental human rights. More and more, these extraordinary women are identifying themselves as human rights defenders. In general, it is said that women are doubly vulnerable, for being women and for defending human rights, however, they are strengthened by their determination to create positive change in our societies!!

March will be a very exciting month for all of us, especially women who make part of this amazing and beautiful community. We will be sharing so much valuable information that is sometimes forgotten by the world. Women deserve pedestals and trophies for everything that they go through, everything they can create, and everything they bring to our lives!

Stay tuned for our next blog episode… 8 reasons why women ROCK LIFE!

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