Because #WECARE, we share with all of you our latest campaign for Mother's Day!

When was the last time you did something nice for someone?

At Naranjo we are always in the search of organizations or foundations that are in most need of help, and this year for Mother’s Day, we have decided to help a foundation for Mothers called SOSMAMA foundation. What is Naranjo Roses´ campaign #WECARE all about? One of our most beautiful campaigns coming right at you!

We are firm believers that when you give a hand to someone and help the people most in need, life will give you back really good things without asking, because this is the purpose of helping others: doing it without asking and expecting nothing, but love and gratitude in return. 

To make 2021 even more special, we decided to pair up in kindness with a foundation dedicated solely to moms in need in Quito, Ecuador. S.O.S Mama foundation is made up of strong, bold, loving, kind and independent mothers that are looking to make their lives better every day. In order to help them out the best way we can, we decided to create our newest and most thoughtful campaign yet: #WECARE. We created our M-Day Box which is a special box of roses that will be delivered to your moms out there on May 9th, and with each M-Day Box we sell, we will be donating 1 cent per stem to SOS Mama Foundation. 

Caring about others, caring about the environment and caring about the world is crucial, because without care, there is nothing. This is why at Naranjo Roses #WECARE, and we have decided to come together as a team to help people who are in most need right now! The pandemic has hit us hard worldwide and there is no better way of helping others than by showing #WECARE.

How are you deciding to help people that surround you? How are you deciding to care more for who you love and who needs our support? Now who’s in it for our M-Day Box? Let’s buy for a cause and make some mothers smile for this once in a year special holiday celebration! Because come on… EVERY MOTHER OUT THERE DESERVES TO BE CELEBRATED!

Contact us directly at for direct orders or hit us up with a DM on our instagram naranjoroses, (PS, don´t forget to follow us for amazing content, AND the best Ecuadorian roses worldwide)!



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