At Naranjo Roses, PRIDE MONTH IS ALWAYS! Click HERE to find out what PRIDE STANDS FOR!

June can only mean one thing… wait a minute NOT ONLY JUNE!

 IT’S PRIDE MONTH TODAY AND ALWAYS and we love it! At Naranjo Roses we think inclusion of the LGBTI community is SOOO important and for this, we want to celebrate this stunning and gorgeous community! YOU INSPIRE US MORE THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE!

Now let´s get into acronyms: what does P.R.I.D.E actually stand for?


Although in past years the PRIDE community was not deservingly noticed and given sufficient importance, it is CRUCIAL in the world we are living today to make every community a priority because this world needs us ALL without any tags or discrimination. We are all ONE and no one deserves a path full of difficulties and obstacles due to their own personal choice of life. Today more than ever, we support our LGBTI community and we are proud of who they are and what they are achieving in the world! LGBTI friends, we want to tell you, you are all BOSSES in our lives! Keep fighting for what you want and most importantly ALWAYS raise your voices!

Thank you to the LGBTI community for inspiring everyone around you so much! Thank you for your courage, bravery and kindness with the world. We need you today and always! We strongly encourage all of you to celebrate yourselves THE ENTIRE YEAR and love ourselves UNCONDITIONALLY! The world without all of you would not be the same!

Tell us in our comment box, WHAT MAKES YOU #PROUD? Let’s raise awareness of the millions of reasons we need to feel proud of because we are all unique and here to make this world a better one!

Let’s make this 2021 and all the years to come a HAPPY PRIDE YEAR!



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