5 UNIQUE Mother´s Day gift ideas for this special celebration!


…the only SUPERHEROES in our lives, and specially the ones who CREATE LIFE. Let´s thank our moms today more than ever because without them, we simply wouldn´t be here, SERIOUSLY! 😍😍😍 On today´s blog, we´ll give you 5 unique ideas for Mother´s Day you wont want to miss! Click HERE

Respect, honor and unconditional love is what all of our moms out there deserve! Mother´s are the only individuals that put everyone in their families first. They are the ones that love you unconditionally no matter what circumstances you face together. They are the strongest people we know, being able to get over the most difficult situations in life. They are constantly taking care of us, even if we are grown up adults, it’s their mother instinct that makes them UNIQUE! They are the only ones who can create life, and create beautiful families. We could go on and on and on… but today we´ll give you 5 unique gift ideas for your mom’s on this Mother’s Day!

  1. Customized Family Tree- This is VERY special because you can keep adding family members to your family tree as it grows, and your mom will only feel happy with seeing how her family continues to grow!
  2. Monthly Floral Subscription- Wow her and celebrate her every month with an amazing bouquet of her favorite flowers.. of course we always recommend… ECUADORIAN ROSES!
  3. Personalized Cosmetic Holder- This is a life saver for all women out there, your mom will definitely like it, especially if you personalize it with her initials!
  4. Personalized cutting board- If your mom likes to cook… this can be a way to her heart as well! She´ll have a unique piece to use everytime she cooks!
  5. Last but not least, you can get her an essential oil diffuser… trust us on this one, IT WORKS! It can help your mom relax on those tough days and get an extra dose of de-stress!

 However, do not forget that flowers and roses are ALWAYS A MUST for this holiday! Did you know that Mother´s Day is the most important holiday for the floral industry? In 2020, the industry experienced a STUNNING growth rate to about $26.7 billion for Mother´s Day spending! Let´s make this 2021 an exceptional year for the floral industry! If you are new around here and want to know more about Naranjo Roses, or read about other blog entries, head straight to this link to find out more: https://naranjogroup.com.ec/naranjo-roses/



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