We are a team of 450 families working daily in order to seduce the world with the finest quality and beauty that our Ecuadorean roses exemplify.

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On this blog we will keep each and every one of you up to date on how the flower industry is growing nowadays, relevant news, tendencies, our premium quality roses, and most importantly, what makes us pioneers in this industry.  We are extremely happy to have you here, and very excited to know that you are now part of our growing community. We want to thank you for taking a part of this challenging but thrilling journey which makes us who we are, NARANJO ROSES.

Furthermore, we would like to connect with all of you on a deeper level by sharing what we do on a daily basis on our 3 farms, our daily activities and tell you a little more about our wonderful history and the team that makes up Naranjo Roses in Ecuador.  We think it is very important to share stories from our team members, our missions, why our products are top quality products and our clients opinions.

At Naranjo Roses we think our clients opinion is extremely important, for this reason we are open to any other suggestion of topics you would like to talk or read about. You are more than welcome to contact us directly through our blog.

We hope you love all the topics as much as we do, and we look forward to connecting with all of you in order to continue growing this beautiful community!

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    Here´s to POWERFUL AND STRONG WOMEN! 8 reasons why women ROCK LIFE!

    As Women´s Day is getting closer and closer.. we want to make a special mention today as to why women ROCK LIFE. What do women actually do that makes them so special and amazing to have in the world? Find out below!

    women's day

    Can you guess our next favorite season of the year? A little clue...WHO RUN THE WORLD?

    The time is here… FINALLY HERE! One of the most POWERFUL months of the year is coming up in T-8 days… This month we celebrate a group of individuals starting with the letter W….. and ending with an N. We are sure you´ve guessed who we are talking about!



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